Neck Pain

Neck pain general

What is Neck Pain?

Pain located in the neck, usually at the back or sides.

How is Neck Pain Evaluated?

Neck pain is evaluated by reviewing the history of the symptoms. In reviewing, the location, intensity, duration, and radiation of the pain will be noted. Any past injury to the neck is also taken into account. The neck is examined at the rest and in motion. An examination of the nervous system is performed to determine whether nerve involvement is present. Further testing includes X-ray evaluation, CT scan, bone scan and MRI scan.

What are the Causes?

Neck pain can come from a number of disorders and diseases of any tissues in the neck, such as degenerative disc disease, neck strain, whiplash, herniated disc, or a pinched nerve.

What Are The Treatment?

The treatment of neck pain depends on its precise cause. Treatment options include rest, heat/ice application, traction, physical therapy (ultrasound, massage, manipulation), local injections of cortisone or aesthetics, topical anaesthetic creams, topical pain patches, muscle relaxants, analgesics, and surgical procedures.

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